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Vaci 1


As a unique project in the heart of Eastern-Europe, we believe that this individual Shopping Destination will be part of the most beautypageant of Budapest.The legacy has been left to us in the form of the original “Historic”building and its associated architecture, which has been recognised by Unescofor its significance and beauty. Our challenge is to create a sense of “presence” within a classic building and sympathetically craft the modern-day retail format within the structure of classical times. ORCO as a pan-European developer of fine repute,takes a long-term vision in respect of all of its investments and development projects which it undertakes. The core values of the company “success and imagination” are very much inscribed within our management policy from the very start. Success for us is achieved through the success of tenant partners within the building. Imagination, is having the courage to be different, to look beyond the norm and to create a vision, both in terms of the building, itʼs tenant mix and how it is operated, which will ensure that the realisation of Váci 1 is unique, providing a retail destination of which Budapest will be proud. Váci 1 is seeking to get back to the traditional values of retailing, offering exciting products within a convenient environment which will make the shopping visit a “Treat” to all the senses. The building itself, by the very nature of its age offers many challenges in terms of the size and orientation of the space it offers. One of the challenges will be to present a modern day retail offer within such surroundings. We are keen, through the use of visual and aesthetic stimuli, to offer a symbiotic blend offering the best that modern retail has to offer, in an environment within which it is a delight to dwell, meet friends and truly enjoy the traditional shopping experience.
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