Key markets & Diversified portfolio

The Group pursues the careful implementation of its twofold strategy.


Investments are focused on major cities of Central Europe including Berlin, Prague, Warsaw and Budapest which offer a resilient and dynamic business environment. Pipeline is thoroughly limited to projects considered as “prime” with strong value generation. They are characterized with excellent location and high quality features and services.


Value creation is persistently at the core of the management of a well balanced portfolio between two business lines, Development and Property Investment, offering the strength of two complementary cash generation patterns. Mature projects and non-core activities are arbitraged in favor of assets with clear and strong potential upside.



Improving the readability & Strenghening of the Group

The management of Orco Property is committed to enhance the readability of the Group and its operations. The two business lines, Property Investment and Development, are now clearly identified and the related performance reporting is continuously improved with the adoption of the highest standards, as for example, the EPRA standards for the rental activity portfolio. Likewise, corporate governance best practices of the industry are closely monitored and implemented at Group level, as increased transparency and reporting quality improve the capacity of a company to act in the best interest of its shareholders and stakeholders.


The management is dedicated to strengthen the equity base of the Group with core shareholders engaged with Orco Property Group on the long term. In the meantime, Group actively pursue the deleveraging of its balance sheet.