Committees of the board of directors

As of 1 July 2013, the committees of the board of directors are composed as follows: 

Audit committee

The Audit Committee is composed of two independent members of the Board of Directors, Mr. Edward Hughes and Mr. Alexis Juan, one executive member representing the management, Mr. Nicolas Tommasini, and one non-executive member representing shareholders, Mr. Jiri Dedera. The Audit Committee reviews the Company’s accounting policies and the communication of financial information. In particular, the Audit Committee follows the auditing process, reviews and enhances the Company’s reporting procedures by business lines, reviews risk factors and risk control procedures, analyzes the Company’s group structure, assesses the work of external auditors, examines consolidated accounts, verifies the valuations of real estate assets made by DTZ, marks bonds to market and audits reports.

Remuneration, Appointment and Related Party Transaction Committee

The members of the Remuneration, Appointment and Related Party Transaction Committee (the “Remuneration Committee”) are Mr. Guy Wallier, Mr. Alexis Juan, Mr. Ian Cash and Mr. Jean François Ott. The Remuneration Committee presents proposals to the Board of Directors about remuneration and incentive programs to be offered to the management and the Directors of the Company. The Remuneration Committee also deals with related party transactions.