Management of the Company (Executive Committee)

The Management of the Company is also known as the Executive Committee. As of 31 December 2012, the Company’s Executive Committee consisted of the following members:


  • Mr. Jean-Francois Ott, born in 1965, Chief Executive Officer,
  • Mr. Nicolas Tommasini, born in 1971, CFO and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, 
  • Mr. Ales Vobruba, born in 1959, Managing Director of ORCO Czech Republic and ORCO Slovakia, 
  • Mr. Brad Taylor, born in 1973, General Counsel
  • Mr. Yves Désiront, born in 1971, Chief Financial Officer Orco Property Group S.A.,
  • Mr. Julien Villeneuve, born in 1973, Head of Marketing &
  • Mr. Cédric Gabilla, born in 1975, Deputy Head of Asset Management


The members of the Executive Committee meet on a regular basis to review the operating performance of the business lines and the containment of operating expenses. The Executive Committee members are also the permanent members of the management’s investment committee which is the governing body for all management decisions and for preparation of analyses concerning the acquisition, sale or development of any real estate asset for the Board of Directors. A new procedure has been established on the basis of the business lines’ management formalizing the decision chain and triggers.