Sustainable Development

Sustainable developpement is at the core of the strategy of Orco. The Group top management actively foster best practices as an opportunity to improve the cost efficiency of internal processes and the value creation of our three core activities, Property Investments, Development and Hospitality.

An environment-driven approach

The entire Orco group is engaged in a sustainable development drive. This is reflected in several initiatives including:

  • the development of a "green" charter for the entire staff,
  • efforts to reduce water and power consumption,
  • the examination of innovative systems combining different types of energy (solar, geothermal, etc.) to be included in our projects,
  • the development of an offer of residential projects compliant with high standards of "green developments",
  • food and beverage from the fair trade are offered whenever possible in our Hotels.


Orco’s management team is dedicated to implement that approach in every project of the portfolio.