Szervita Office building - reference project

Szervita Office building


Szervita Square – the world-class office building in the heart of downtown Budapest 

Szervita Office building, owned by Orco Property Group (OPG) and situated next to Petőfi Sándor Street, will be renovated and modernized over the next 12 months. This is a unique opportunity for businesses to have a state-of-the-art office of approx. 6,000 sqm in the heart of the CBD (Central business District) of Budapest. It is easily accessible by public transport with all the metro lines, buses (7 & 173) and trams arriving at 5 minutes’ walking distance. Besides its outstanding downtown location, one of the greatest advantages of the office building is the comfortable and safe Parking building next-door, owned by OPG as well. Szervita Office building offers cellular and open-space offices on 7 floors with a grand lobby on the ground floor and a beautiful top-floor terrace with a view of down-town Budapest. 

The 8-floor parking building adjacent to the Szervita Office will be renovated as well. The two upper floors, the ground floor, the staircase as well as the roof will be refurbished. Each parking floor will have a differentiated color coding, bright lighting, music and other such features. Thanks to the renovation, 307 parking places will be available for the clients by the second half of 2012. The Parking will remain functional during the works. 

Approximately 290 sqm on the ground floors of the two buildings will be converted into Retail space and café area with a terrasse and garden accessible from the Szervita square.