GSG-HOF Ackerstraße 93

Ackerstraße 93Ackerstraße 93
Project Description: 

Commercial spaces for rent in Berlin

GSG built the two-storied hall complex with its three rental spaces in 1983. The commercial spaces at ground level are especially suited for workshops and production facilities, since it is ideal for the organization of logistic operations. For good reason an auto repair shop, an engineering office and a supplier for photo laboratories are situated here.A number of established institutions can be found in the neighbourhood: The „Technology and Innovation Park Berlin“ (TIB), which was founded by the Berlin Senate and the Technical University and provides optimal starting conditions to companies with its technology-oriented and trend-setting ideas, the Fraunhofer Society, the Technical University with its many faculties and also the offices of the Deutsche-Welle-tv, among others.
Enterior - Services
The three double-story commercial spaces with a total of 1,785 square meters are specifically suited to workshops and production facilities – thanks to their first floors and generous space, logistic operations can be perfectly coordinated. Sufficient parking space for cars is available.

Project overview

Ackerstraße 93